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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> i killed my boyfriend in self-defense. >> ryan was a 29-year-old lawyer. >> smart. oh, so smart. >> shania was a 21-year-old with a psychology degree. >> she was just obsessed with him. >> i never saw one emotion that would have indicated remorse. >> it is your daughter a murderer?
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>> if you go to ja right now a man hunt for a
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also believe is connected to a murder. good evening. i'm cindy hsu. the investigation for the suspect expanded when the police realized he was staying at a homeless shelter where a murder happened. dave carlin has more. >> reporter: cindy, the cabbie slashed and sent to the hospital, and a homeless resident murdered, and now police say it may be the work of one man. these knife wounds are on manuel veda. he expected to get his 10- dollar fare, but the man became violent. >> instead of paying, he slashed him all over his body. >> reporter: fernando mateo says all cabbies and the public
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smith could be connected not only to the cabbie attack but a murder the day before. on friday, 56-year-old shelter resident, marcus guerrero was found dead in his bed with a wire across his neck and a slash to his throat. >> there was blood everywhere. >> reporter: the suspect left two items behind in the cab, his wallet with his id and cell phone. the injured cabbie spoke to his car company boss soon after he was released from the hospital. >> he went through a really hard situation and he is alive, it's a miracle. >> reporter: they insist on action. they say without better safe guards and panic buttons, they could be in grave danger. >> there's no real security, and everybody can come and go as they please, and every than fends for himself. >> reporter: officers
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intense, and they need to get the suspect off the streets before he can strike again. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. >> a new jersey man called a hero after a large fire destroyed part of an apartment building, and tonight he spoke exclusively to cbs 2 about the moment he knew that people were in danger. >> reporter: smoke billowing into the air over an apartment building in bloomfield around 6:00 this evening. firefighters say flames erupted on a second floor vacant united. roy campbell works right behind the building and first just saw smoke. >> by the time i dialed 911 and looked up again, the flames were this big. >> reporter: that's not all. he noticed part of the roof collapsing, and he risked his life. >> i was running because the back of the building was falling in and the roof was falling in, and i said somebody has to be inside of that house.
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corner and opened the door and yelled fire, everybody out. >> reporter: and everyone got out safe and sound including saba amir who grabbed her two daughters and ran as fast as they could. >> we realized someone was screaming the building is on fire. i didn't take anything. i had no shoes. neighbors are so good. they just gave us shoes. >> reporter: the mayor of bloomfield was on the scene. he says two six-family buildings were damage in the fire, and he says he will make sure that roy is honored for his selfless act, but roy says he's no hero. >> aggghhh! just hanging in there. >> the red cross is helping about 25 people and investigators have not determined what cause the fire. >> breaking news a deadly earthquake hit ecuador tonight. at least 28 people have been killed.
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strongest to hit ecuador in decades. the port city reportedly suffered the brunt of the damage, but there's reports it was felt in the capital, more than 100 miles away from the epicenter. japan tens of thousands of people remain in temporary shelters as the rescuers search for survivors from the two big earthquakes. 41 people died and 1500 are injured. it flattened houses, destroyed buildings, and triggered landslides. today a 93-year-old woman was pulled from a second-floor bedroom where she was trapped after the second quake. cameras also captured a tar left teetering over the edge of a collapsed parking lot. a warning from police to look out for something like this, it's a skimming device that steals your information. some use hidden cameras to swipe your pin. police are searching for four men as possible suspects, and
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placed the skimmers at several stores including at a grocery store in the west village. there's two dozen victims for that location alone. the department of public safety confirms a virus infected several computers last week. the department's director says there's no indication that information was lost or compromised. the i.t. team was quickly able to clean the system and safe guards have been put in place to prevent another infection. a new jersey street fair designed to be fun for everyone is having the opposite effect. brian conybear found out why.
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>> reporter: the tennelfly chamber of commerce blocked off the street. >> it's a good time to see the restaurants that are here. >> it destroys the business, not just mine, everybody else's business. >> reporter: masarani is the chef at max's italian grill and says the street fair cost him the entire saturday lunch crowd. >> normal day we get 35 to 40 people. >> reporter: today you got? >> 0. >> the family just wants to go out for a walk. they are not interested in my business. >> reporter: other shop owners say business was down because of the fair, but they hope it will pay off in the long run. >> in the end, we are getting foot traffic in a town that doesn't get much foot traffic. >> reporter: even the head of the chamber of commerce says they may try to make changes to get regular customers into the blocked off stores. >> this is our first time at this location. i think we can always do things better. >> if this is going to
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will be out of business. >> reporter: the doors to the businesses are open. that's the good news. the bad news, the same thing is going to happen tomorrow because this is a two-day street fair. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. now to campaign 2016, ted cruz picked up another victory tonight with the new york primary just 3 days away. brooke silvabraga has more. >> reporter: the wyoming republican leaders gathered on saturday to pick 14 delegates to send to the national gop convention. >> i ask you to please support the men and women on this site. >> reporter: ted cruz appeared in person and won all 14 spots, and donald trump denounced the process at a rally in upstate new york ahead of the primary on tuesday, he called on republicans to reform the nominating system. >> you're going to have a rough july at that convention. you better get going and straighten out the system
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vote. >> reporter: john kasich also spent the day in new york, stopping by a manhattan deli and earlier visiting a synagogue. >> i wasn't interested in a political talk. you go in the synagogue, and you talk about faith, i think. >> reporter: bernie sanders had a social round table with pope francis. >> we are just busting through and forcing the discussion that the establishment would just as soon push underneath the rug. >> reporter: hillary clinton criticized sanders. >> he voted against the brady bill 5 times. >> reporter: clinton will be back in new york to campaign on sunday. pope francis returned to the vatican with extra passengers. migrants set to be deported to
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he brought 12 syrian muslims to italy aboard his plane after island. the island had been on the front lines of the migration crisis, and the pope says all three families fled syria after their home was bombed. a catholic theirty -- charity is working to settle them. she was known as the tiger whisperer, and one of the big cats turned on her. william and kate pose for a photo, modeled after an iconic picture of his mother. >> i just wanted to play baseball. i didn't want the celebrity status or the news following me home. how playing little league in hoboken ended up making her one of the most important names in women's sports. and we have had a lot of baseball and weather that felt more like football weather. will we finally have more
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things are nice and sunny and warmer into sunday. the details coming up in a bit. >> elise, the rangers bounce back to steal home ice for pittsburgh, but it was better for their goalie. harvey has had three starts and he's looking even better today. we will show you what happened
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funeral services are being organized for a veteran zoo keeper killed in a tiger attack at a florida zoo. 38-year-old stacey konwiser was mauled to death by a malayan tiger. her husband was also a zoo keeper there and followed strict protocols. >> this was an area stacey was very familiar with, and we are investigateing what caused this tragic occurrence. >> 13-year-old tiger will remain at the zoo. that type of tiger is endangered. the zoo is closed throughout the weekend.
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face jail time over a dr. suess book borrowed from the library. her son used her library card to check out the book in 2014, but he lost it. kathy's husband is facing charges for borrowing another book and returning it late. the charges stand even though they returned the one book and paid fees for the other. the couple remains fee on $100 bond. the duke and dutchess of cambridge wrap up their tour of india. they retraced the footsteps of his late mother, princess diana, and they sat on the same bench where she was famously photographed sitting in 1992. the bench has been renamed in her honor. it's finally starting to
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you can get an eyeful at the annual tulip festival with 13,000 on display. you see them tomorrow and next weekend, and elise finch is here with the exclusive cbs 2 forecast, and people just want more and more of the weather,. >> we had a good day, and we are seeing flowers and anything else you want to do outdoors, and our weather watchers are 11:16 at night, and there's a few locations. this is alaina. and alaina says it's 48 degrees. what a spectacular day, carbon copy tomorrow, and tomorrow will be very much like today, only a little bit warmer, and this is walter in thompkins cove, and he says he likes the forecast for tomorrow. i'm glad you like it. a couple of 7-degree days to look forward to. it will be a little chilly in
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get to that in a second. first up, 58 degrees. clouds, cool winds, and it's a nice night, following a very nice day. temperatures ranging low 60s in places like islip and laguardia to 48 for central park it was a a warm one, close to 70 degrees, and the temperature trend is the norm. we were above that, and again today, we hit the 70s, and we will be close to 80 for monday, and we get that with tons of sunshine. the vortex satellite and radar, showing a lot of cloud cover, but there's not a lot to talk about. huge ridge of high pressure, and you take a look, and there's nothing to look at. dry conditions, and a little cool tonight, but nice and warm for tomorrow, and you're nice and clear for tonight, and we do have some frost alerts that will be in effect. we head into the day tomorrow, incredibly warm, and it's a splendid sunday. 70-degree temperatures for many locations, and it's going to be beautiful, and monday, warmer
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and lows tonight, not brutally cold, but a few in the mid-30s, and then a few in the low to mid-40s, and some frost advisories in effect. 2:00a.m. to 8:00 a.m., the counties in blue, and that's for your early sunday morning, and then things warm up beautifully, and take a look at the temperatures, and we are talking mid-60s for many locations, and then to the low 70s for the warmest spots, and in central park that means you. if 72 does not do it for you, maybe 77 will, and we are at 72 on sunday with a lot of sunshine, and 77 for monday, and it's going to be just a beautiful, beautiful day, and we will head into the workweek, and we may see a little cloud cover and sprinkle monday into tuesday, and back into the 70s by the end of the week. >> i'm so happy. >> a lot of people are. >> thank you very much, elise. she informs a league of her own and ended up paving the way for millions of girls across the country, and magdalena
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woman for stepping up to the plate. >> reporter: with that the hoboken little league season kicks off for the career this year's honored guest is maria pepe, and she is familiar with the mound. >> whoever went up against her struck out. >> reporter: her little league career only spanned 3 games, but what she accomplished has allowed little girls like alexa to play. >> it's cool playing with my dad's team. >> reporter: maria pepe tried out for the leader of the young democrats. >> no other coach had the nerve to put a girl out on the field. >> i said well, can she play and they said yes. i said bring her in. >> reporter: with that maria was the first ever female little leaguer, but then the national little league said she couldn't play after just 3 games because she was a girl. >> i just really wanted to play baseball.
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status or the news following me home. >> reporter: the courts eventually ruled in maria's favor and in favor of all girls playing little league, but by that time, she had aged out and could not take the mound for herself, but she did take her place in history. >> the hurt in my youth has brought me a lot of happiness in my adult life. i'm basically playing baseball because of her. i like it better than softball. i like to play with the boys. >> reporter: and now her home fields will be filled with her image, looking over the game she loves. magdalena doris. better news for the rangers in game two of the playoffs
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big smiles on the face of rangers' fans. >> great news for the rangers, not just for the win, but more importantly, we saw henrik
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he took the stick to the face in game one, and if a goalie loses his vision, he's done. you had to be convinced after this his eye is no longer an your. the range -- no longer an issue. the rangers bust out for 3 times in 18 seconds, and we saw key goals, and then 4-1 in the 3rd, and that was more than enough for lundgvist, knocked out of game one, but the king returned to form with 29 saves as the rangers get even in the best of 7 series. game 3 thursday night at the garden, and the mets' pitcher jacob degrom has been placed on general medical leave to deal with an issue with his newborn son.
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we are told it's very serious. harvey was perfect through 4 innings, and it fell apart in the 5th and 6th innings, and the mets down 5-1, and his e.r.a. so far, .571. after breaking out for 4 earned runs, the mets following up with more. walker homers as well, and then the comeback would fall short, and david wright makes the final out of the game, 7-5 the final from cleveland, and the yankees' centerpiece this year was supposed to be the bull pen. what happens when you're not handing those relievers the lead? c.c. sabathia departs in the 4th, and to make matters worse, their production at the plate, 2 for the last 37 with runners in scoring position, and both of those hits fail to produce a run. the yankees drop their sixth
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the nba playoffs, and everyone is gunning for the warriors who finish 73-9. maybe they are trying to rattle steph curry. no. he took most of the game off and still finished with 24. route. 3 weeks until the kentucky last call for the 3-year-olds roses. perfect race, winning by four lengths, and he will most likely miss the derby. his owners are eyeing the preakness instead. this is the race that produced american pharoah last year, and creator holds off sudden breaking news, which i have a feeling would have been the news room's pick for kentucky derby. we will have to wait and see. a soccer game in france was
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this is not snow on the pitch. that's paper on the field. it doesn't help that strong winds turned it into a comedy of errors for everyone trying to clean up the mess. how did this whole thing start? the answer is simple. the fans. they threw toilet paper and newspaper in the air at one point in the game. i'm not sure if it's a tradition or what have you, but apparently it happens all the time it just doesn't bleed out as much as that. the winds had a major effect. it delayed the game for 5 minutes but in soccer, the clock is running the entire
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